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Individual, Couples & Family Therapy in Chicago, Illinois

Strengthen your relationships with the people you love with couples and family psychotherapy from Northside Center for Relationship Counseling in Chicago, Illinois. Let us help you identify and remove the roadblocks that are keeping you from solving your relationships problems.

Couples Therapy
Couples therapy has been shown to be an effective way to address marital problems. There are many clinicians who provide couples therapy, however, only a small percentage of these clinicians are actually trained in working with couples and relationships specifically. Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs) are trained to work with couples. At NCRC we strive to continue our learning in the latest methods and models of relationship counseling. This allows us to bring you the best that the field has to offer.

Family Therapy
Often, when a child is struggling parents won't know where to turn. It can be very helpful to use all the resources your family has to address a problem. Family therapy is a way to focus the full energy of your family on a problem. Family relationship counseling can unlock this potential and help your family get back on track.

Individual Therapy

Individual psychotherapy focuses on helping clients see how their choices impact those around them. This may mean developing compassion and understanding for parts of one's personality that have been extreme or problematic for others. It may mean understanding how to best manage ADHD, depression, anxiety or anger management issues.

Family at The Beach, Couples and Family Therapy in Chicago, IL

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